Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by cash and cheques and must be made at time of purchase, service given or order


Payment for orders of new or second hand computer systems must be made when a system is ordered. Payment by cash ensures that orders are processed within 24hrs. Large orders paid for by cheques are delayed until cheques clear at the bank, which could take up to 10 working days. All computer systems remain the property of Welcome Computing until full payments have cleared at the bank and fully qualified

Payment by Cheque and cash for hardware upgrades and repairs at your Home are acceptable, but the hardware sold or installed remains the property of Welcome Computing until cheques have cleared at the bank and fully qualify

Should cheques bounce, we reserve the right to recover sold or installed hardware and systems during normal working hours at our discretion

Warranties and Guarantees

Full computer systems are purchased with a 12 month warranty directly with Welcome Computing. Laptops have a 28 day warranty with Welcome Computing, after the 28th day any remaining warranty is directly with the laptop manufacturer. All new materials, seperate components and hardware including laptops come with warranties and guarantees applicable to the item(s) at time of purchase and can be found on your invoice, typically warranties are 28 days with Welcome Computing and after that up to 12 months with the manufacturer from date of invoice.

All 2nd hand, refurbished materials, components and hardware including computer systems in part or full and laptops come with limited warranties and guarantees as described at time of purchase and can be found on your invoice.

Operating Systems, Drivers, Software and User Data on Hard Drives

If a hard drive fails, new or second hand, any operating system, its drivers and software installed are not covered. ALL personal and business data of any type are not covered at all in any way whatsoever. You are responsible for managing a regular backup of all that is important to you onto some other external media to protect yourself against losses of any type as a result of a total failure. Mark Feather and Welcome Computing are not and never will be responsible for personal or business losses incured of any type brought about by a faulty, failing or dead hard drive or other media at any time. The hard drive as a piece of hardware is covered by its warranty, but any and all electronic data of any type is not guaranteed in any way whatsover.

Faulty, Replaced, Obsolete or left over parts & components

After repairs, replacements, upgrades or obsolescence of any computer part or system in full or part has taken place there are usually some parts "Left Over". These parts remain your property. We always ask people what they want to happen to these items, we always offer such items back to the customer. Where a customer wishes me to dispose of such items we are obligated by law to hold on to these items for no less than 10 days from date of invoice. You the customer can within this period request these items back at any time. When the 10 day period has expired any items left over become the property of Welcome Computing and will be disposed of as such. Any faulty items are disposed of immediately and not kept for the 10 day period, ALL DATA on any hard drive is always erased and the drives disk is encrypted immediately

Appointments, Contracts & Agreements

Appointments: Postponements & Cancellations

Appointments can be cancelled or postponed at any time but within reasonable time and no less than 24hrs of the time of the appointment

Where costs have been incurred by Welcome Computing, they will have to be paid for by the customer in full this includes lost time where a replacement appointment cannot be gained

Contracts: Postponements & Cancellations

Where a contract is postponed, cancelled or broken costs must be paid for including any time incurred by us in full

Agreements: Postponements & Cancellations

Costs incurred including time spent by Welcome Computing at the time of postponed, cancelled or broken agreement must be paid for by the customer

Recovery of Costs, Expenses and Time

Welcome Computing will if required pursue losses in full and will disclose customer data in anyway reasonable to recover such monies. Costs & Time incurred during the process of recovering losses are also recoverable

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