Internet Access, Broadband and Wireless Problems

Internet Access, Broadband and Wireless Problems

Lets get you back online fast

Call outs to your home and office are no problem and at a time to suit you.

Have all your broadband, wireless and internet access problems resolved.

Telephone Line and Extensions repaired and optimized, Wireless Routers setup and Computer and Laptop problems resolved

Lets get you back online today.

Statistics show that eight out of ten line and broadband faults are found to be within your property. That's an 80% chance you are responsible for the costs incurred resolving them and your service provider will initially charge you upwards of £129.99.

If your service provider repairs the fault for you they may charge even more!

By calling us you could save as much as £84.99 on fault diagnostics and considerably more on repairs and installations.

Get the best out of your telephone line and broadband service

Call Welcome Computing today on 07946 587757 for fast and effective support.

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