Data Recovery

Data Recovery

You never realise how important your Family Photographs or Customer Databases are until you lose them!

A computer disaster can take many forms; whether it is caused by simple human error, hardware failure, software malfunction, viruses, fires and flood, or as the result of forensic investigations.

When you contact telephone technical support staff at the company or computer shop who sold you your computer, they will usually tell you that they take no responsibility for your data recovery. If the system is inoperable or you have suffered a fatal error, they will often suggest that you try reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling your software. If you do this you will lose all the data on the system!!!

So before you take this drastic action, step back a second and call Welcome Computing for fast and professional IT Support. With years of IT Support behind us, we can troubleshoot a wide variety of serious and seemingly fatal computer errors. If the system is indeed 'inoperable' or damaged beyond repair, we can help you recover much (if not all) of your valuable data using our computer disaster recovery and data disaster recovery services.

In most cases, lost or deleted data is relatively simple to retrieve using specialist software tools and this process can be carried out on your premises. Where the problem is caused by hardware failure or physical damage to the computer, we may need to remove the drive and recover the data offsite using more specialized equipment. While this is being done we can also help you source, install and setup replacement hardware and software to get you back in business as quickly as possible.

Welcome Computing provides professional Data Recovery services. In fact, we are a one-stop shop for IT support, computer hardware and software for small and medium sized businesses and private individuals.

Call Welcome Computing today on 07946 587757 for fast and effective support.

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