Broadband Accelerator Service

Broadband Accelerator Service

Fed up with limited, slow or a non existent broadband service?

If you are fed up with your unreliable and slow download speeds when exploring the internet in general or trying to watch last weeks television program that you missed without success then call us about our very successful Broadband Accelerator Service.

This service comprises of three parts.

Part One:

A general evaluation of your telephone system, your computer(s) general health and the way it is connected to the internet.

Part Two:

With a few simple and quick alterations to your telephone system's wiring your broadband download speed, reliability and efficiency can be increased dramatically.

Part Three:

Give your computer(s) an in-depth internet connectivity service, this cannot only improve your computer(s) general speed but it can dramatically increase its internet download speed too.

Itís not unusual to see download speeds increase by more than 50% and occasionally as much as 100% and more.

Call Welcome Computing today on 07946 587757 for fast and effective support.

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